Agroceres PIC in Brazil invests R$ 20 million in two new Gene Transfer Centers


Agroceres PIC, the market leader in pig genetics, announced that it will invest in two new Gene Transfer Centers (CTG) in Brazil. The CTGs will be installed in the municipalities of Itabirito in Minas Gerais and Laranjeiras do Sul in Paraná, Brazilian States with significant pig production. This undertaking is another phase of the company's bold expansion project, the goal of which is to create a technological structure focused on the dissemination of superior genes that will enable Brazilian pig farming to reach new levels of competitiveness. 

The Itabirito unit will be able to accommodate 400 males of high genetic value and will have the capacity to produce and process approximately 600,000 doses of semen per year. Moreover, the Laranjeiras do Sul unit will accommodate 700 males and will have production potential of approximately 1.1 million doses of semen per year. The Laranjeiras do Sur unit will be the largest operation in Latin America and one of the 4 largest in the world. The two units will be built at the same time, and in 18 months they should be operating at full productive capacity. Work began in February 2016.

With these two new CTGs, Agroceres PIC will have a total of 4 CTGs of its own and 1 affiliate in operation throughout the country, for annual production capacity of approximately 2.5 million doses - enough to serve a commercial breeding herd of almost 400,000 pigs.

“The construction of these two new CTGs will enable us to exponentially increase the efficiency of the high-genetic-value liquid genetics dissemination, boosting genetic progress at the commercial production units to the max and, consequently, adding more value to our clients' business," says Alexandre Furtado da Rosa, Managing Director of Agroceres PIC. He says that this investment seeks to enhance the company's customer service throughout the country, mainly in the southern and southeastern regions.

Maximizing production
The marketing of doses for insemination are produced in highly modern and improved facilites. The CTGs are a strong trend among the major players in the pig farming market.

What is known as Liquid Genetics is an innovative technology that accelerates the dissemination of superior genes, raising the breeding herds' genetic standard and increasing the herd's productive efficiency, which in practice makes the pig farmers more competitive.

“The Liquid Genetics that will come out of those facilities will accelerate the genetic progress of animals in the field, which will further strengthen Agroceres PIC's 38 years of commitment to our sector's growth. This is a story whose cornerstone is the confidence that comes from 70 years of Agroceres Group and its strong tradition of technological innovation, as well as the security offered by the more than 50 years of our partner, PIC, a world leader in the genetic improvement of pigs," says Furtado de la Rosa.

Marcelo Ribeiral, President of the Agroceres Group, concludes: "With the investment in these two new CTGs, we can once more objectively assert our commitment to the development of Brazilian pig farming."

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