Agroceres PIC launches AGPIC 359 boar to the Brazilian market


Agroceres PIC launches AGPIC 359 boar to the Brazilian market

In times marked by high production costs and major healthcare challenges, nothing is better than having readily available technological innovations, capable of improving animal husbandry performance and maximizing the economic return for pig producers. With this in mind, Agroceres PIC announces its launch of the AGPIC 359 boar to the Brazilian market.

The AGPIC 359 is recommended for the production of lean, high-quality meat at a minimum cost.  AGPIC 359 have traits of great economic importance, like excellent feed efficiency, unbeatable weight gain speed, high heterosis, and resilience.

Efficient and robust, the AGPIC 359 marries characteristics of excellent feed efficiency, high resiliency and robustness. The boar progeny presents fast growth and high viability from birth to slaughter. João Donisete do Nascimento, a geneticist with Agroceres PIC explains "The AGPIC 359 is the ideal sire line for the producer who want to have animals with good efficiency of growth and quality lean meat, along with high adaptation to adverse field conditions, being more resistant to nutritional challenges, health, and the environment".

More meat with less feed

The new boar of Agroceres PIC combines features from two successful parental lines of PIC, the 337 and 327, which present the best balance between resilience, feed efficiency, and growth. "The AGPIC 359 combines the robustness, high growth rate and exceptional lean meat yield of the AGPIC 327, with the excellent feed conversion and carcass quality of the AGPIC 337. This is a great option for the Brazilian producer, especially in a period of unfavorable production costs" Donisete do Nascimento further added.

Ultimate expression in genetics! The AGPIC 359 already arrives tested and approved to the Brazilian market. This is the result of the intense work of genetic improvement; the AGPIC 359 represents 25% of sales of commercial males of PIC in the United States. "The launch of the new boar is part of the strategy of Agroceres PIC to continuously develop top notch genetic solutions, capable of providing greater efficiency and profitability to Brazilian producer", concluded Nascimento.

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