Genus Asia comes of age


Asia has been a separate business division within Genus to provide the management focus required for emerging markets. With the rapid development and technification of Asian markets and PIC’s strengthening position, Genus has decided to integrate PIC Asia and ABS Asia into the global ABS and PIC divisions, from July 1, 2016. PIC partners and customers in the region can look forward to even more integrated global technical support, efficient access to the latest and greatest genetics through the global supply chain and closer linkage to worldwide industry developments.

Jerry Thompson, COO Genus Asia, recalls, “Genus Asia was set up as a separate division to give us a real focus on the opportunities in the developing markets in the region. Since then, we’ve made major progress: we now have well established bovine and porcine businesses across the region led by strong local teams and are well positioned for further growth. Integrating them further into ABS and PIC will enable them to draw on global best practice while they continue to focus on the specific needs of their particular markets.” As he highlights several successes in recent years, Jerry adds, “We’ve made great progress with our PIC business and its image within China, with massive improvements in product performance in customer farms, a successful joint venture with Besun and major growth in the leading key accounts. We’ve also achieved significant growth in the Philippines, continued expansion of the royalty model in Russia and established a highly productive partnership with GreenFeed in Vietnam."

Jerry will oversee the transition and integration of Genus Asia's bovine and porcine operations into the global ABS and PIC businesses before moving to the USA to head up a new global Genus ABS Beef division. Nick Brookes, a   25-year PIC veteran and currently general manager of PIC Russia, has been appointed to the role of Regional Director, PIC Asia and will re-locate to Shanghai in the summer.
Nick’s position in Russia will be filled by Jack Keane, who has been promoted from his role as Senior Key Account Manager after six successful years in expanding business there.

Nick will report to Bill Christianson, (COO, Genus PIC), who comments “It’s a logical step. Over the last five years, within PIC, our global team has been working more and more closely with colleagues in Asia and also with a growing number of global customers with a presence in Asia. Bringing the teams together just makes sense.”

Nick adds, “These are exciting times! We have great relationships with partners and customers across Asia and I want to support the teams to build on what has been achieved to date. We're now seeing world-class performance on pig farms in emerging markets, to the benefit of producers and consumers alike. The PIC mantra – Never Stop Improving – sums up my approach to the new role”

“These changes will give us a firm platform for the future” concludes Karim Bitar, CEO of Genus plc. “We will be in a strong position to really deliver the benefits of our common technological platform and build our business with an increasing range of customers in regions around the world.”

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