Nutrition Team Announcement


PIC Increases Focus in Nutrition to Better Serve Customers

Since its inception, PIC has been dedicated to the genetic improvement of pigs, and has been on the cutting edge of developing the best breeding stock for its customers. To continue the tradition of commitment to our partners’ success, PIC recently recruited three, highly qualified, nutrition experts, Dr. Uislei Orlando, Dr. Márcio Gonçalves and Wayne Cast.

Dr. Uislei Orlando

Uislei Orlando joined PIC in 2015, as the Global Nutrition Director. In this role, he leverages his extensive understanding of swine nutrition to provide recommendations regarding best practices for feeding PIC breeding animals and terminal cross pigs. Márcio Gonçalves also joined PIC in 2015, and will focus primarily on nutrition-based technical support and research. Wayne Cast joined PIC in June 2016, with a long history of working with North American pork producers. He provides a unique and respected perspective and will work hard to seamlessly integrate into the PIC Nutrition team. Uislei, Márcio and Wayne have been heavily involved in the swine industry research for more than a decade. The addition of these new positions will greatly support PIC’s commitment to its customers and products.

These three experts will expand PIC’s technical capabilities by providing customers with a broad range of nutritional services in order to deliver the greatest value possible from PIC pigs. Enhancing this capability within its technical services team will allow PIC to work more directly with customers and allied industry members to establish the best recommendations and outcomes regarding the nutritional needs of PIC pigs.

In their first few months at PIC, Uislei and Márcio have launched a series of “PIC Nutrition Updates”. These updates provide important dietary information such as guidance for PIC genetics regarding the most economically feasible levels of amino acids. In addition, Uislei and Márcio have recently updated PIC’s recommendations regarding Lysine, based on a meta-analysis of 18 commercial large-scale trials with more than 38,000 pigs. An updated PIC nutrient specifications manual has been drafted and is set to publish in the summer of this
Dr. Marcio Goncalves

Márcio said his favorite part of the job is the opportunity to support customers by sharing best practices with nutritionists, researchers and customers around the world. He is especially excited about PIC’s commitment to excellence. I have always respected the technical knowledge and leadership provided to the industry by PIC,” he explained. “The best part about working at PIC is the opportunity to contribute to and learn from the expertise of each colleague. A true ‘Never Stop Improving’ philosophy.”

Uislei echoed his sentiment, saying he joined PIC because of the opportunity to apply technical knowledge globally while supporting results locally “The best thing about working at PIC is the passion to drive innovation in global pig production,” he added. 

Wayne Cast

Wayne Cast comes to the company with over 40 years of experience in the swine and feed industry. As a native of Beaver Crossing, Nebraska and currently living in Princeton, Missouri, he brings a wealth of knowledge about the North American market. He is solution-driven, and has worked with many PIC customers over the years. Wayne explained: “since 60-70% of production costs are feed related, knowing how to feed the animals appropriately and making our customers as profitable as possible is essential.” His passion is obvious, stating “I truly enjoy working with producers on a daily basis.”

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