PIC Canada hosts Nutrition Symposium


PIC Canada hosted a two-day Nutrition Symposium September 28-29 in Toronto, Ontario. The event hosted over 20 nutrition experts from across the country and covered many hot topics within the ever-evolving space.

PIC was able to bring in some incredible speakers including Dani Perondi from Master Agropecuaria and Dr. Dani Rosero from Hanor, who covered the important topics of Sow feeding management: managing feed efficiency in the sow farms, and Impact of wean age on the lifetime performance of pigs, respectively.

The symposium attendees had the unique opportunity to learn more about PIC Genetics, and how specialized nutrition impacts the current landscape of PIC products. In one session, Dr, Uislei Orlando explained the nutritional research efforts that PIC is currently looking to embark on in 2017.

Dr. Marcio Goncalves covered what is new in the company’s nutrition program in 2016 specific to PIC boars, gilt development, and sows. Wayne Cast, another talented nutritionist on the PIC team covered techniques wean to finish production

This was the first event in a series that will be coming to other areas around the world. The United States will host three events in December. If you are interested in learning more about future nutrition events, please email pigimprover@genusplc.com. 

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