PIC congratulates Atahuampa PIC for its 30 years in the market


Atahuampa PIC, exclusive representative in Peru of the PIC genetic line, is celebrating its 30 years in the market. On Friday, April 15, “PIC Day 2016” was held, bringing together distinguished pig farming businesspeople, professionals, and technicians from the Peruvian pig-farming sector.

At the event, Dr. Jorge Martínez, General Manager of Atahuampa PIC, emphasized the company’s commitment to the development of Peruvian pig farming, offering technical symposiums with refresher training for the professionals involved in the sector, and he expressed words of appreciation to everyone in attendance. The presentations delivered by Atahuampa PIC addressed biosecurity and advances in technology, genetics, and husbandry that we should take into account on the farms. 

Engineer Jorge Favre gave a brief overview of the company, noting the highlights of its 30 years in the sector, among which he pointed out the improvements to the farms that have resulted in greater efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability for our clients. For example:

  •  Leading clients in Peru are weaning 30 PSY,  emphasizing the results of its Sinchi farm, the property of Atahuampa PIC, of 10,000 breeding sows, with average values of approximately 30 PSY in the past 5 years.
  •  Total feed conversion for the Sinchi farm shows values below 2.4 in the past 5 years, making it one of the best systems in the world.
  •  Atahuampa - PIC has consolidated its leadership role as PIC franchise and local producer, leading the market in productivity and profitability.

 The talks by the PIC team addressed contingency issues for the Peruvian market:

  •  Dr. César Corzo, Manager of Health assurance and health services for Latin America PIC, “Acclimatization and isolation of  replacement gilts,”
  •  Dr. Uislei Orlando, Global Director, Nutrition PIC, “Whole Herd Efficiency – nutritional focus,”
  •  Dr. Jorge Martínez, General Manager of Atahuampa PIC “Atahuampa PIC: Eradication of PED,”
  •  Dr. Roberto Molinari, Technical Services, PIC Andina, “Reproductive Failures – How to reorganize the farm after a health problem,”
  •  Mr. Pedro Castro,  Commercial Manager, PIC Andina, “PIC: We never stop improving.”

PIC is grateful for the confidence of its clients in the Peruvian market during the past 30 succesful years, and with that we reiterate our support through our products and services, to satisfy the needs and overcome challenges that you face in order to compete successfully in today’s world.

We send our Atahuampa PIC franchise our sincerest congratulations on its achievements and we hope it will continue to reap future successes. 

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