PIC launches the new edition of the Analysis of the swine industry in Latin America


PIC is excited to launch the latest PIC Benchmark for Latin America. The Benchmark includes comparisons of hog production metrics, and cost of production across the larger Latin America countries. This PIC Benchmark gives you valuable information to support the strategic planning for your business. You can compare yourself to the producers in your region, and identify your strengths, as well as personal opportunities for improvement. We also include practical farm management tips to help you improve biosecurity to further support your production efficiency, and reduce the impact of diseases such as PRRSv and PEDv.

The PIC Benchmark shows a positive story for producers. Across the countries, productivity is improving. This productivity increase allows you to reduce the inputs needed to produce a kilogram of pork, improve the margins for producers, and help reduce environmental footprint. However, it also shows that there is further opportunity for improvement across the industry. The difference in production efficiency between the average and best producers is significant. A continued improvement in performance is required to meet consumer demands, stay competitive, and deliver value to your business.

At PIC, we believe superior genetics is a major contributor to increasing productivity. In addition, it requires strong farm management, nutrition, biosecurity, and health to achieve the optimum genetic potential. PIC is available to help you with both the genetics and technical expertise to help you realize the genetic potential within your environment.

In this edition of the PIC Benchmark, the PIC Health Team reviewed the importance of a robust health assurance and biosecurity program. They describe a prevention plan to reduce the risk of introducing and disseminating diseases in the production system. They highlight the importance of getting all stakeholders such as owners, consultants, supervisors, and production works involved to create a biosecure culture.

Finally, we would like to thank all producers who contributed to this PIC Benchmark. We look forward to working with you to identify and realize opportunities to drive production excellence.

Ask your PIC Account manager for more details of the Benchmarking!

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