Profit Pig GmbH takes over the distribution of PIC genetics in North Rhine-Westphalia


With effect from October 01, 2016, the Profit Pig GmbH, headquartered in Geseke will hold the exclusive license for distribution of female PIC genetics for the entire state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Thus the Profit Pig GmbH is able to offer to pig producers in the region, both Camborough® gilts and Closed Herd Systems (royalty based replacement systems).

PIC Germany and the newly founded Profit Pig GmbH see the new cooperation as an important step into the future.

As a regionally based company the Profit Pig GmbH understands the needs of the pig farmers and therefore will be able offer best support, while PIC will provide the new partner the appropriate genetics to improve commercial success of its customers.

The production base in the relevant region consists of more than 400,000 sows with an average herd size of around 200 sows per farm.

With the name Profit Pig GmbH PIC's new business partner symbolizes already at first glance what their business philosophy will be: Enable their customers to realize a long-term profitable pig production.

The Profit Pig GmbH will ensure this by providing the latest genetic improvements through PIC products. Since more than 50 years PIC's aim is to deliver the highest quality genetics and support services to the industry to ensure that customers, in turn, can deliver great products to their markets.

For a transitional period, the PIC will accompany the transition closely and then focus on their core competency, genetic improvement. Then the Profit Pig GmbH will as well take over the full responsibility for the supply chain for their region.


Profit Pig GmbH

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