About Us

Our mission is to be the leading worldwide supplier of genetic improvement to pork chain customers through innovative and outstanding genetic technology, health and services.
A subsidiary of biotechnology leader Genus plc, PIC’s business is the genetic improvement of pigs.  In the early 1960s, a small group of Oxford pig farmers, were concerned that the traditional purebred breeders were not producing the right pig for future markets. The farmers invited a group of scientists to devise a way of producing a better hybrid.  Following their advice, they bought the best pigs they could find and began to improve them by a process of selection.
PIC is now the international leader in the provision of continuous genetic improvement in swine breeding stock and in world-class technical support to the global pork supply chain. PIC combines quantitative analytics with leading-edge biotechnology to develop breeding stock that helps our customers maximize profitability. The company, a division of Genus plc, and founded in 1962, operates in 30 countries spanning 6 continents.