PIC SCAN Program

Diseases have significant impact on production, financials, staff morale and even farm reputation.  We can minimize this impact by decreasing this risk and as a result, the number of disease introductions. Everything that goes into or out of the farm needs to be considered a risk. Therefore production staff and any personnel on site needs to be highly observant of these activities. Participation in PIC SCAN program provides a system to educate staff, increase awareness, record observations, and take action.

The PIC SCAN program provides a tool to communicate observed biosecurity risk and take immediate corrective action.  Production staff members are the final protective barrier between the outside “dirty” world and the high-health populations.  Participation in PIC SCAN will enhance your daily monitoringof risk.

The strategy is based on identifying, quantifying, and documenting common risk, which will help create both immediate and long term action plans.

See: Identify risk and opportunities

Call: Communicate and report observations

Act: Stop, control, and mitigate risk but do not ignore

eNhance: Correct the process and never stop improving

To learn more about the PIC SCAN Program, please click here.

If you have seen something, please fill out the information below, and know that this will always be kept anonymous.

This system is checked once daily during normal business hours.  If this is an emergency or not a biosecurity observation, please contact the appropriate person for your farm or system. If this is biosecurity related, please leave the farm name and a description of your biosecurity observation.  We will record and take action on your observation as soon as possible.  Thank you for contacting us and helping us to protect you farm.


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