Changing levels of performance, and an increased variety of feedstuffs, have combined with continually increasing levels of nutritional knowledge to create exciting and emerging opportunities. Our technical services team is committed to helping our customers deliver best-cost nutritional support for their specific commercial pig production systems.

PIC’s global team of leading nutritionists is devoted to driving the practical application of technical knowledge in nutrition, milling and feeding management forward. Through technical support, applied research and detailed on-farm understanding, we work with our customers to identify opportunities for improvement and propose potential solutions for evaluation.  Genetics and nutrition are two key building blocks in creating a production system that is able to cost-effectively capture the potential of the animals.

Nutrition Update March 6, 2017: The Basic Nutritional Program for Wean-to-Finish PIC Pigs

Nutrition Update October 13, 2016: PIC lysine requirement update: Biology and economics

Nutrition Update June 26, 2016: Adjusted Caloric Efficiency Calculator for PIC Genetics

Nutrition Update May 24, 2016: Grain particle size for PIC pigs

Nutrition Update March 18, 2016: Economic model for optimum Tryptophan

Nutrition Update February 3, 2016: Tryptophan:Lysine ratio requirement for nursery and finishing pigs

Adjusted Caloric Efficiency Calculator